Dad to 3 Girls, Lego Nerd, Dog Lover &

Bad Joke Teller

Oh, and I’m also a kick-ass wedding photographer.

Hi, I’m Tim the owner and primary photographer of Focus Photography.

I’m not going to right a ton of blurb here about how my “journey” into photography started whilst I was trekking across the world and stumbled upon a forgotten tribe or some other instagram worth story.

So how did I get into photography?

Well way back in the mid 90’s I was in Ibiza watching the sunset at Cafe Mambo and I tried to get some epic sunset photos with my rubbish little point and shoot film camera (they weren’t epic, they were crap to be honest) and I saw all these guys with great big cameras and tripods and lenses and all the other boys toys stuff and I thought to myself that looks quite cool.

So I enrolled into a 2 year photography course at night school and I just fell in love with it from then on. At the time I was working in hotels as a bars manager and the HR dept asked me if I’d take some photos of the staff (tightwads didn’t want to pay) so I did, then one of the staff asked me to do their wedding, so I did, then a cousin asked me to do theirs, so I did, then another cousin, then a friend, then a friend of a friend and that’s how it all started.

After spending 14 years working in catering and hospitality, meeting amazingly famous people (teaching Michael Hutchence how to drink an orgasm cocktail hands free, Paul Weller calling me mate, working for Michael Jackson’s Bad tour and meeting loads of Leeds Utd players) I decided to go full time in 2000.

Over 24 years later and a huge change in the wedding photography market with the introduction of digital cameras, a recession, a global pandemic and god knows how many other obstacles I’m really proud and glad to still be doing the thing I love.





So what does this mean to you?

Well with over 20 years experience as a wedding photographer you can be sure that I’m ready for pretty much anything a wedding can throw at me.

Chances are that I’ve already photographed your venue before, so I know where the best spots are.

My years of working in hospitality mean that not only do I have a great understanding of your venues needs, I am also very experienced in ensuring that I deliver outstanding customer service every time.